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How lucky am I?

Cherished in my family abode,

Encompassed by affection,

Six months on from cardiac diagnosis,

Four since my mortality was tested.

How lucky am I?

Binge-watching whole online series,

Family debating their various merits,

Picking shows of mutual interest,

Arguing, fighting, settling, appreciating.

How lucky am I?

The youngest sibling of four.

Middle-aged for sure,

Life and distance disconnects,

But still enveloped by familial devotion.

How lucky am I?

Friends in abundance

Who can’t be outdone?

Sporting interests a binding force,

Powerfully supportive in my darker moments.

How lucky am I?

Grateful for each new dawn,

My precious daughter and better half.

Cloaked in their love.

Yes, my life is charmed.

The End

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Picture from the Irish Times

The IOS Rooster crows its digital reveille.

Emerging from slumber still sleepy I grumble,

Buried in the comfort of our marital bed,

As the wintery elements resound overhead.

The heating doing battle with the raw morning chill.

Technology persistently announcing the new day agrrrrrrrr.

Screens too costly to contemplate shattering.

Stumbling around in the dark as I wake.

Fumbling for handles and taps, eyes full of sleep.

Another murky morning in the darkness of wintertime.

Winter solstice signals a new dawning.

The shortest day starts another half year cycle.

Lengthening days trigger the re-birthing season.

Our existence ebbs and flows with each passing second.

Relentlessly ticking, tocking, ticking, life just rolls along.

The end

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John Twohig

John Twohig

Hi all, I’m a part time writer, full time husband and father who works for a living. These are my first tentative steps into publishing my work.